VIDEO: Toespraak President Rivlin Jom HaAtzmaut

Onderstaand vindt u integraal de toespraak van President Rivlin t.g.v. Israel’s 71ste Onafhankelijkheidsdag.

“Dear friends at home here in Israel and around the world. Happy Independence Day! Chag Sameach!  Israel is seventy-one years old. Who would have believed seventy-one years ago that we would build cities from the swamps? That roads and railways would cross the sands?  Who could have imagined then the wonder that is the State of Israel?

We came from the four corners of the earth: from Europe and from Jerusalem, from North Africa and from Tzfat, from Yemen and from South America to build a home here. All of us together, including the Jewish communities around the world, have built this wonder and, as it is written ‘this is an exceedingly good land.’

My dear friends, when I was a boy we were not allowed to fly our flag. But I dreamed that one day I would see it flying in Jerusalem.  Today, the Israeli flag flies everywhere, and even visited space recently.

We give thanks to those who gave their lives for our country. Because of them we can celebrate here today. This year, after years of pain and hard work we were able to bring home IDF soldier Zachary Baumel ז”ל.  The State of Israel will not cease until all our missing soldiers are brought home. That is our duty.

Amos Oz, my school friend from Jerusalem who recently left us, reduced all the commandments to one:  “do not cause pain”. This year may we all try harder to not cause pain. Israeli society needs it. We all need it.

Let me finish with a prayer and a wish for our country to go with it for at least another seventy-one years: עושה שלום במרומיו הוא יעשה שלום עלינו ועל כל ישראל ואמרו אמן

Happy Independence day, Israel! חג עצמאות שמח!”

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