Netanyahu bezoekt Arabische school in Israel

netanyahu-bezoekt-arabische-schoolDe Israëlische premier Benjamin Netanyahu bezocht donderdag bij de start van het nieuwe schooljaar een nieuwe schoolklas van Arabisch-Israëlische kinderen. 

Tijdens zijn bezoek aan de eersteklassers van de Tamra Ha’emek Bassisschool werd de premier hartelijk begroet, zowel in het Arabisch als in het Hebreeuws. De premier heette de kinderen welkom in het onderwijs en drong erbij hen op aan niet alleen hard te studeren, maar ook om op een goede manier te leren samenleven.

Netanyahu op Facebook over het bezoek

A couple of days ago, I went to an Arab school in northern Israel to open the school year. I think I may be the first Israeli Prime Minister to open the school year with young Arab boys and girls. It was a profoundly moving experience and I want to share it with you.

Arabs in Israel are full participants in our democracy, but still face some challenges. I want to meet these challenges head on. I went to celebrate the achievement of our Arab citizens and encourage all Israelis to continue treating each other with respect.

I told the young Arab students that “We were destined to live together” and that “This is your country” too. Young Arab students sung about peace and togetherness. They spoke in fluent English, Hebrew and Arabic. What a marvelous country we have that encourages such diversity.

I told the young students that I want them to be doctors, scientists, writers, and to be whatever they want to be. I meant it. This is a land of opportunity which is made stronger when all of our citizens thrive.

This is Israel. Hopeful. Beautiful. Inclusive.

The world media constantly stresses the conflict and tension in our region. But I want to highlight the points of hope and optimism.

I was inspired to see co-existence in action. I encourage everyone to reach out to people of other faiths and ethnicities so that we may grow and thrive together.

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