Jewish Beach Club in Marbella

Marbella: weinig programma, veel disco, buffet en zwembad (Foto: Oskar Laufer)280 jonge joodse singles maakten deze maand hun opwachting in Marbella, waar voor 1500 euro (nog zonder de vlucht) in een chique viersterrenhotel kon worden genoten van een losse sfeer, goed kosjer eten en de nodige aandacht. publiceert foto’s en een column van David Jaffa uit Londen, die onderzoekt of Marbella de dromen heeft waargemaakt.

David Jaffa is een 35-jarige single uit Londen. Hij heeft een acht maanden durende relatie achter de rug en is nu op zoek naar een aantrekkelijk en intelligent joods meisje – geen Jewish Princess – om een serieuze relatie mee te beginnen. In Londen heeft hij al wat lijntjes uitgezet, maar David wilde zijn geluk ook in Marbella beproeven. Voor schreef hij een column over de ervaringen van joodse singles in Marbella en hun beweegredenen om naar het singlesfestijn toe te komen.ABSOLUTE DREAMSBy David Jaffa, LondonI recently attended a glamorous week in Marbella at Absolute Events? Jewish Beach Club where I interviewed some of the 280 participants to find out whether dreams of finding love and a life partner were met.David Jaffa and Victoria Ward (Foto: D. Jaffa)I didn?t know what to expect. I?m 35 and run a high-tech business in London. Being recently out of a relationship I fancied a week in the sun with 20 ? 40 year olds from places as diverse as Canada, Venezuela, Israël, Netherlands and Germany.The Dutchies (Foto: Oskar Laufer)Dana Teichner, 26, from Austria was one of the organisers. She insisted, ?We are not a singles organisation. Our aim is to create an International Jewish Society where people from different countries can meet and mingle ? not only for marriage!? Dana herself had a boyfriend, who joined her later on in the week.The participants? responses didn?t all match Dana?s intentions, however. Richard, 33, a marketing executive from London, declared ?The entire purpose of every single person here is to ?pull? the opposite sex, whether or not they wrap it up as ?meeting people? or ?making new friends?. When I mention my girlfriend to women here its amazing how quickly they move on to the next bloke!?Very important: bring a notebook. You never know who you run into. (Foto: Oskar Laufer)Martyn, 39 from London disagreed. ?I did not come here to pull. For me it?s an opportunity to meet lots of people in the right age range in a nice environment. If I meet someone special it?s a bonus.?But I wondered were people looking for something meaningful or just fun in the sun? Olivier, 31, a handsome Parisian lawyer said ?People come here to meet their future wife but end up having drunken passion in public!? There was ample evidence of ?passion? in the hotel disco, the pool area after dark and in the nightclubs of Puerto Banus.At the dinner table, David Jaffa in the middle (Foto: D. Jaffa)I interviewed Tali, 24, a tall slim attractive girl from Scotland. She and her friend won their holiday through a competition on a Jewish website. Tali explained, ?At first I didn?t want to come thinking it would be full of ?tragic? older men, but it?s been amazing. Everyone is really friendly. There are some really cool people and a great atmosphere.? It was a difficult to interview Tali as six different men came up to talk to her during our ten-minute conversation. ?I?ve met lots of nice guys, but nobody specific yet," she continued with a twinkle in her eye.How did the different nationalities get along, I questioned? Eric, 39 from Chicago remarked, ?I love the diversity. It makes being Jewish so rich. I?ve met Italians, British, Dutch and they?re all very different. For a relationship to work between different nationalities one person would have to have to move country, which means leaving family and friends. That?s terrifying, which is why people here spend more time with their own nationalities.?Three Dutch guys and a pretty girl (Foto: Oskar Laufer)Victoria, a pretty 27 year old fro

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